Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Fox changes its spots.

Sean Hannity: Fox News.
Fox News has for many years been the attack dog for the American war mongers.

Its agenda has included personal attacks on all who dared to question the truth of statements by George Bush Jr during the run-up to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

The term "pin-head" patriots was fed into every presentation, with Bill O'Reilly leading the charge, aided by a muscular Sean Hannity.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and his two "bomber henchmen" Baset al-Megrahi and Khalifa Fhimah became a Fox target with the destruction of Pan Am 103 in December 1988.

Immediately following the destruction of New York's Twin Towers in September 2001, Fox aided the merging of the Lockerbie story with the general theme of revenge against all Arab terrorists, wherever they might be.

During Baset al-Megrahi's first appeal in 2002 some US relatives had already accepted that merging and spoke freely to the press about their desire for revenge. 
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks.
When Julian Assange and WikiLeaks several years ago made public a first batch of telexes and emails, Fox News pilloried Assange as a traitor deserving American justice.

Today, however, Fox News has discovered an agenda which parallels its own, and in a paradoxical way helps the cause of truth.  Below is a link to an extended and very friendly Hannity interview of Assange which took place on 2nd January 2017 in London's Ecuadorian embassy.

Jim Swire and I have cause to be grateful to Assange. For within one batch of WikiLeaks releases is proof of US intelligence interest in Jim's activities and statements to the press.

Al-Megrahi. Assassination target.
There are, too, several classified emails recording discussions in 2011 advocating the kidnap and assassination of Baset Al-Megrahi even as he lay on his deathbed in Tripoli.

These took place within STRATFOR, a major US intelligence contractor serving the White House and the Pentagon.

One email refers to "tracking down" the dying Al-Megrahi, and, if found, "wacking" - assassinating - him in his home.

The other, by the CEO of STRATFOR, is a suggestion that a hit team should invade his house and turn off his oxygen supply.

Baset Al-Megrahi died before such threats might be enacted. 

We do indeed live in interesting times.

You can watch the Assange-Hannity interview here.

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