David Benson play Lockerbie: Unfinished Business

A world-wide event.

David Benson
Showcased in previews in London, Oxford and Bristol with cautious reviews, few could have guessed that on the cosmopolitan stage of the 2010 Edinburgh Festival the play would prove a world-wide event. Within days of its first Edinburgh performance word spread that here was something very special, and David Benson (Click here for website) found himself playing to sellout audiences.

Shortlisted by Amnesty International for the 2010 Freedom of Expression Award. "A thoroughly researched piece that underscores the integrity of a father and justice campaigner whose intelligent reasoning leads to the conclusion that justice is yet to be achieved."

Awarded a Fringe First.

Space will not permit the full list of four and five star reviews from around the world. Here is a selection:-

An Interview with David Benson. NewYork Times Guardian video interview and review.

BBC.co.uk - "I couldn't believe the verdict.  A Scottish jury would never have given that verdict..."

Broadway Baby Magazine. "There are truly good people in the world. And we have to hang onto that if the bastards who calmly planted a deadly suitcase in the hold of the plane are not to win..."

"I make my way out slowly and see some of the audience are still wiping away tears. A woman in the front row is bent forward looking at the ground and shaking her head. She is as upset as she is angry..."

"A compelling and moving account..."

"American senators and their families should see this..."

Financial Times UK. "Provocative... unsettling... the link between theatre and life is crossed and there are tears in the eyes of the audience..."

The Guardian. "My opinions on this were pretty solid by the time the lights went up.  But the elderly lady nearby would have nudged me towards approval anyway. She wept silently for an hour, from the start of the play to the finish."

Scottish Television. "What a pity US senators tend not to attend the Edinburgh Fringe... Devastatingly effective..."

Edinburgh Festival Review. "A mighty and unanswerable indictment of cover-up and injustice, in a show which every thinking citizen should see and act upon..."