Monday 2 January 2012

Are Scottish Police trying to prevent publication of SCCRC report?

One of the important features of the Lockerbie case is that a three year investigation (2004-2007) by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission proved that a miscarriage of justice occurred. The SCCRC discovered that the two principal identification witnesses (the CIA's Majid Giaka and Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci) were secretly paid huge amounts, each receiving $2 million for their evidence. The police concealed these offers and payments from the judges and the defence.

Even as this webpage is being updated, we are forced to ask whether attempts are being made to hide this fact from public and media scrutiny. The SCCRC unearthed a briefing note dated 15th May 2007 written by DI Dalgleish, in which he advised his colleagues "The SCCRC's statement of reasons is likely to question the integrity of Gauci's evidence... There is a real danger that if the SCCRC's statement is leaked to the media, Gauci could be portrayed as having given flawed evidence for financial reward..."

It would be tragic indeed if behind the scenes attempts are being made to dissuade the SCCRC from publishing its report, using the specious excuses of "protect our human rights, protect our personal data etc. etc".

Only an inquiry by an independent senior judge can restore confidence in a legal system today widely regarded as untrustworthy and tainted.

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