Thursday 9 February 2012

Jim Swire prepared to take up Al-Megrahi appeal

In a presentation to the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament yesterday (7th January 2012) by the campaign group Justice for Megrahi, Jim Swire told the committee of his recent visit to Libya and meeting with Al-Megrahi and members of the Megrahi family.

He was asked by Convener Christine Grahame if, in the event of Al-Megrahi's death, an appeal against his conviction might be continued on Al-Megrahi's behalf in the Scottish courts.

Jim Swire's answer was a firm "yes".

“The professional advice that I’ve received is that it would be perfectly possible for other individuals who are affected by this case to approach the SCCRC [Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission] to request a further appeal be granted,” 

“In that event, I understand that number one in the pecking order would be Megrahi’s family. In the event they didn’t want to pursue it, it would fall to other people who were affected by it, unfortunately, like myself and those who support what we’ve been trying to do."

“So one way forward would be the request for a further appeal to be heard at the High Court in this city.”

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  1. I would very much support Dr Swire's intent to pursue, for though I have nothing to do with Lockerbie, and have always said so, I am worried that Libya might retreat from its guilt over UT-772.