Tuesday 19 November 2013

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words...

The opening line of the famous song by David Gates holds a lesson for us all. 

Here are three photographs.

The first is of the fragment of timer circuit board said by the prosecution to have been found at Lockerbie. 

Photographs two and three are of annotations written by Allen Feraday, the forensic officer on whose forensic report the Lockerbie verdict of Guilty was founded.

Photograph two is of his note dated 1st August 1991 concerning the above fragment. The words are "Plating on the two thin lines is of pure tin (Cu [copper] breaking through from underneath. Alan F.)"

The third is of his note on the same day concerning a set of circuit boards sent to him for comparison by the Swiss company Thuring. The words are "Tinning on the thin tracks is of 70/30 sn/pb [tin/lead]. However this may be dipped or roller tinned on top of either the Cu tracks? or the Cu tracks with a layer of pure tin? Alan F."

There is a clear metallurgical difference between the two items. Feraday indicates some puzzlement as to why this may be the case, hence his two question marks.

But did he draw this difference and his two questions to the attention of the judges in the Lockerbie trial?

No. He stated with absolute certainty: 

“The particular tracking pattern of the fragment has been extensively compared with the control samples of the [Thuring] MST-13 timers and circuit boards and it has been conclusively established that the fragment materials and tracking pattern are similar in all respects to the area around the connection pad for the output relay of the `MST-13' timer.” 

"Conclusively established ... materials and tracking pattern similar in all respects ..." Ten simple words. Yet on this false statement a man was condemned to a lifetime of imprisonment.  

What was the origin of the Lockerbie fragment? Who made it, where and when? It clearly did not come from Thuring and was not from the batch sold to Libya in 1985. Whatever its origin, it contradicts the unique central feature of the prosecution case. 

The Scottish Crown Office continues to stonewall the nation and Scottish Government by pronouncing that this evidence can only be considered in a court of law.  Well, here are the pictures. Please judge for yourself.  


  1. Had an email from Buck Revell (it's in link below) yesterday & today it was joked that he cc'd the "cover up" team. In May a man in the aviation industry said "the old guys can't keep holding it together" he then gave me MORE info that is looking to be true. It's just sad. Not just the victims families deserve the truth but the WORLD does. I just don't understand WHY the United Nations is not helping? OK sadly I do :(:( http://senatordiannefeinstein.blogspot.com/2013/11/james-comey-fbi-needs-to-investigate.html

  2. Lord Chief Justice Taylor banned Allen Feraday OBE in 1993.

    How come the "Odious Bomb Expert" was called to testify at the Lockerbie trial?


  3. A good question. It illustrates starkly the systematic corruption of our police and evidential systems. It had already been demonstrated in the case of the Maguire Seven trial (three forensic scientists - including Dr Thomas Hayes - conspired to with-hold evidence favourable to the defence) and the later trial of the Birmingham Six, in which - again - forensic evidence was misrepresented and hidden from the defence. In both cases, the establishment finally admitted its errors, but only after substantial time in prison had occurred, lives ruined, and families destroyed. The pattern is always the same - Whoops, we made a mistake, but it's all so long ago that we can do it safely and nobody will be disciplined or prosecuted, and everyone continues to receive their pensions, or maybe they've died.

    1. Sorry, I should have written "systemic corruption". But on thinking about it, both words fit pretty well.