Monday 10 February 2014

Searching, searching, searching...

The long promised newly appointed prosecutors of the Libyan regime should beware any further "evidence" that might be discovered, and be well advised to consider the US track record in such matters. 

Here is an extract from the history forming the background to the still on-going manipulation of Middle Eastern nations by Western powers. The name of the person central to the Lockerbie investigation is redacted.

"The date of the finding of the Hayes green fragment lay well within the time frame of *******'s career with the CIA. And in the eventual trial of the two Libyan suspects, evidence given by DEA agent Louis Sherrow would prove that at the time of the Lockerbie bombing, the CIA had in their possession at least one identical MST-13 timer brought from Africa. 

Furthermore, the publication of a set of declassified White House Emails would reveal *****’s long list of covert activities in the case of the Iran-Contra campaign. He would also be proved to have worked alongside colleagues for whom the creation of false trails and even the manufacture of evidence was an understood tactic.

An example of this is contained in a secret email written on 30th January 1986 by career navy officer James Stark, at that time attached to the National Security Council, and a working colleague of *******. The email was addressed to Admiral John Poindexter and to Howard Teicher, also working colleagues of *******. Stark looked at opportunities that had popped up in connection with destabilising the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY).  The subject of the memo was "PDRY Opportunities".

First, the objective should be to deter those Middle Eastern states who might be willing to run with the Soviet Union and give them cause to think again.  "The Soviet role in the PDRY coup attempt and subsequent fighting has given us an excellent opportunity to play up and exploit heightened awareness of the dangers of involvement with the Soviet Union among a number of Middle Eastern States."  This might be done, explained Stark, by "A straight propaganda effort to trumpet Soviet duplicity and its attempts to undermine efforts of states friendly to Hassani trying to provide him assistance."

If this was not appropriate, then, "a carefully managed disinformation campaign to convince PDRY's neighbours that the Soviets knew of and promoted the rebels from the beginning.  This could be combined with indications of similar ominous Soviet activities in each of the target states. 

Given the nature of the Soviets, we ought to be able to find a great deal of actual evidence, which can simply be artfully exploited, and may thus completely avoid the more dangerous course of altering or manufacturing evidence." [1] 

Thus the truth.  We don't need altered or manufactured evidence on this occasion. But if we have to, we will. 

And then the final touch, a question to Howard Teicher: "Howard, are you aware of any effort by State [the State Department], USIA [US Intelligence Agency] or CIA to focus on this? If not, I think JMP [John Poindexter] ought to raise it at a family group luncheon." (Our brackets).

[1] White House Email. 1995. Published by National Security Archive of America, Ed. Tom Blanton."


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  1. Frank Duggan is getting on my nerves: I now understand why people have issues with him. Dr. Swire please let me be one of the Americans that wants RESPECT for ALL People & part of the Justice for Megrahi: ONLY until recently did I feel confident that his role in the Lockerbie Bombing was simply that of a scapegoat. I've been lied to just like others in America- Maybe I was comforting myself by believing he really did have a bigger role than "scapegoat"....It's just sad:(:( FYI- I so not know any details about the Lockerbie Bombing except that there was a cover up. How do I know? Because- If there was not a cover up then I would not have been needed to help with the cover up.