Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Final Appeal will reveal the truth

[With grateful thanks to Professor Robert Black, here is a comment sent by Dr Jim Swire to the Bangor Daily News in response to yesterday's article by Gwynne Dyer:]

Congratulations on a realistic article straddling the truth. My daughter Flora was murdered at Lockerbie, and since the Megrahi trial I have known that justice had been perverted by politics.

It is not however true that the case is closed. Within weeks I and certain other relatives will be requesting the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission for a further appeal against the verdict. 

Why? Partly because knowing him innocent, Megrahi became my friend, so I owe him that. 

And partly because routine Western subversion of justice by politics must be stopped. The Lockerbie trial verdict, peverse though it is, is being used as a weapon of choice by those who continue to obstruct our access to the truth. My daughter Flora would have wanted the truth known.

Any US relatives interested in joining in are welcome to get in touch.

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