Thursday 22 December 2016

Sad death of Andrew Killgore

It is with deep sorrow that we learned yesterday of the death, on 20th December, of Andrew Killgore, former US ambassador to Qatar and long-time supporter of the campaign to find the truth behind the Lockerbie bombing.

Andrew I. Killgore
For the last 28 years, and from the first days immediately following the destruction of Pan Am 103, Andrew has throughout been a close follower of events.

The magazine and organisation that he founded and developed, the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, is greatly respected among thinking politicians and truly investigative journalists around the world.

Professor Robert Black has written the following on his blogsite

In an email to Dr Jim Swire, Robert Forrester and Professor Robert Black, Janet McMahon, the managing editor of WRMEA, wrote:

“I'm sorry to have to tell you the sad news that Andy Killgore died yesterday. He had gotten increasingly frail over the last year or so, and was developing a second round of pneumonia after a fall last Wednesday and did not want to go to a hospital. We visited him Friday afternoon, and he was alert, comfortable and in good spirits. We had planned to visit him again yesterday, but his daughters called us to say he had died. It is definitely a shock, but we are grateful that he did not suffer or have to endure a long painful death. His beloved family was with him.

“As you know, he was very passionate about Lockerbie. I printed out all your communications to him and he read them avidly. He had his own idea about who was responsible, of course, but certainly agreed that there has been a most grievous cover-up. We often talked about going to London or Edinburgh if there were any major development. He felt close to you all, and was glad to have you as comrades-in-arms!”

In his reply Dr Swire wrote:

“The truth is that after 28 years all of us who like Andrew still feel passionately about the deception laid upon this tragedy are ageing now and others also among us have died.

“In their memory as well as for the memory of all those who died at Lockerbie, we cannot let the matter rest, and lately I have come to believe that within the next couple of years the truth will burst out.
“When it does that will be a good time to remember people like Andrew who gave so much sincerity to the search.”

WRMEA’s obituary of Ambassador Killgore can be read here.