Sunday 15 February 2015

Police insider: Lockerbie case was flawed

A report in today's Scottish Sun on Sunday claims that Scottish police have discovered that the evidence provided by prosecutors in the Lockerbie trial was in part false and that the investigation of the Lockerbie bombing was 'botched'.

in 2012 Dr Jim Swire and members of the campaigning  group Justice For Megrahi submitted a report containing nine claims of wrongdoing and error in witness evidence provided to the Lockerbie trial judges.

 The Sun states:-

"Now a police dossier is expected to prove several key points. A source said yesterday [14th February 2015] "Investigators set about testing them. It seems that some are broadly true but were the result of incompetence and could not be said to be criminal. But that does not seem to be the case across the board.""

The Sun adds: "This report could uphold accusations that false evidence was given in Megrahi's trial."

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