Wednesday 3 August 2016

Continual Hacking of Jim Swire's email account

Today yet another hack of Jim Swire's email account. This has happened several times over the last two years.

If you receive any email from Jim Swire that requires you to click on an attachment, or provide any kind of personal information, please delete.

If, unfortunately, you have already clicked on the attachment, you should immediately reboot your machine and carry out a full system scan with a reliable anti-virus programme. I use Kaspersky.

It appears that such emails have been sent to all Jim's  contacts on the Lockerbie friends network. Reports of fake emails are coming in from all directions.  

Attempts are also being made to trick anyone seeking confirmation regarding that first email. If you send a separate email to Jim  asking for confirmation that the first email is OK, you receive a reply from someone claiming to be Jim Swire saying that there is no problem.

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In addition, the email address of a US lawyer, Frank Duggan, representative of US bereaved Lockerbie relatives, appears to have been hacked. Professor Robert Black has received a fake email from someone purporting to be Frank Duggan. Again, when matters were checked, the same kind of reassuring reply from persons unknown was received.